It all started on a hot July afternoon in Montreal. I was helping my parents clear out the basement, when a faded guitar case was uncovered. It contained an old classical guitar that somehow still smelled of maple wood.

Uncomfortable with its shape, I laid it flat on my lap. After plucking its strings and using a coin from my pocket as a pick, it started to feel less alien. A couple of hours and a few web searches later, I had figured out a couple of basic chords using guitar tabs while listening to Oasis, Green Day and Our Lady Peace. In the following days, all I could think of was creating songs using word combinations that popped into my head.
The Band
Shortly after, at the age of 16, two best friends and I were sitting in the lunchroom at school one day. Naively, we decided to start a band. Alex was set on learning drums and Simon’s violin training made him a perfect candidate for the bass. I was the lead singer and guitarist. Jamming for hours on end every Saturday, we discovered our instruments by imitating songs we heard on the radio. Soon, I was bringing lyrics to practice sessions and our original material began taking shape.
For 3 years we wrote and recorded songs, played a handful of shows and made fans around local schools and a couple of seedy clubs. Creating music with my best friends was incredibly fun.
Eventually, as university came, we each went our own ways. We disbanded and I continued writing new material and playing shows on my own.
Going Solo
At 20 years old, armed with a guitar, an upright piano, a notepad and computer; I became increasingly curious about the recording process. I wanted to build songs on my own, from idea to recording. Over the next several years, I would come to develop the method I use to this day to write and record. My music soon attracted the attention of other artists who asked me to help record and produce their material.
Sculpting Music
The process starts off by playing chords on the piano or guitar and humming a melody. Lyrics come out, often based on what I’m feeling or seeing around me. I make sure to write down the first words that come and ride the wave. One of the hardest lessons I have learned as a songwriter is to not censor myself. Whatever comes out needs to come out.
I then lay down a drumbeat by hitting keys on my electric piano that trigger different drum sounds (kick, snare, etc.). A few guitar parts are layered, a bass line added, vocals recorded, and gradually the song is sculpted. I let it sit for a while and take on the mixing process, which is similar to adding seasoning to a food recipe in order to bring out flavour.
Creating songs, from a spur of the moment idea to a fully polished recording is what I live for. I take pleasure in each and every part of it, and enjoy releasing my music on my website and social media.

I'm here to share my music with you and connect with people from Montreal and beyond who enjoy pop music. Don't be shy, reach out!

"Music is its own reward. It's about creating and connecting." 

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